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"You look so good in love."

- Kei, six word poems (via abluesforbrklyn)

(via abluesforbrklyn)




Pain :-(

Enough of this shit

This shouldn’t even be…

Yelz’s Word
I woke up early on a Monday morning jamming to Black Summer Vol.2 and it made me want to explore the mind of this beautiful young women. So I took it upon myself to pick the mind of Yelz; but I didn’t want to know things like how old she was or was she in love at the time. I wanted to know more delightful things. I wanted to know things that would inspire me as a young black woman. I asked questions that could only be answered from the soul, and soulful answers I got.

I didn’t care to know where Yelz was from instead I want to know what her favorite things were about the city that she is from. She responded, “New Orleans is filled with talent, Raw Talent. You take a walk around New Orleans; you will find inspiration on every block. We are the gumbo of the United States, so many different flavors, styles, and visions. There is no place like New Orleans.” Yelz also continue to tell me the changes she would like to see in New Orleans not just her city but the people in the city. Many people confuse a vibe with a plot, but a plot is only the physical setting of a story. New Orleans is the people, it’s the community, and it’s the generations to come. Therefore she had a wish that the lack of support behind local talent would change. “Once we realize that we have everything here and appreciate, New Orleans will truly prosper again;” She continued to tell me a story that her grandmother would share with her. “My grandmother would tell me stories about how the locals would go out just to hear the local music; that was the thing to do in New Orleans once upon a time. They appreciated the facts that it was here, being from this city and growing up around it, it becomes second nature so you don’t really get to appreciate it like we should.”

It’s crazy how you began talking about one thing it makes you want to explore more. I still had so much more to ask and was hoping that we could still inspire each other with the questions and answers we had. In fact as the conversation deepened unexpectedly I wanted to know things about her family and how she valued her love ones. She continued to give me very graceful answers. Telling me so much about family and how much having their support meant, she went on to say; “family is very important to me. My sisters and brothers are my foundation, they know me, and they understand me. I appreciate them more than I can ever put into words.  My team, the people I consider my family: Camera Campbell, Mr. Smith, Rissa, and Lanece. My close friends are all just like family.” Of course I was nosey enough to ask who she thought her biggest supporter was and she struggled to answer, saying, “That’s a tough question, but if I must answer the question I would have to answer my nephew Kyiran.”

Suddenly I wondered what lights this fire; I asked more about the artist Yelz. “When did you start rapping?” she told me that she always struggled a bit to answer this question. “Yelz has always been inside of me, when I think about it. I was writing rhymes at the age of 13 just didn’t have the courage to spit them. I would say Yelz was set free about three and a half years ago.” But I still needed to know what inspiration to this artist was and what exactly inspired her. “I’m inspired by life, love, the struggle, and the overall journey of finding your purpose in the universe,” she responded promptly. I was so enlightened by where this conversation had gone but still had exploring to do. 

This world is filled with great talent and musical genius that has a great influence on society today and will always continue to set the standard bar for the generations to come. I wanted to know who had enough talent to move this great soul. Just as I suspected that it must take a musical giant to touch souls like this, that suspension had been confirmed. Yelz favorite artist is Kanye West; “Mr. West is a representation of freedom. He is a genius; he doesn’t give up his vision for anything or anyone. However, Jay-Z is my favorite rapper; Hov’s story alone is just inspiring.”  

But I wasn’t done yet; I couldn’t leave without getting food for thought. I like to make you all think. I like to make you wonder. My goal is not only to inspire you with my words but to challenge you. I need to know this artist’s views on fashion, education, and wonder if she had any advice for her l.g.b.t. community. This colorful soul told me that fashion allows her to represent herself exactly how she desired; “fashion is a form of expression to me, I’m all about the freedom of expressing yourself. When I get dressed, I get dressed based upon my mood.” Yelz views of education were just as touching as any other story she shared with me today. She mentioned how important education was; “not just in school. You have to educate yourself outside the classroom also. You have to become conscious to everything, accept the blind lessons of life; you know lessons that teach you how to gain peace and knowledge of yourself.”  As we wrapped things up she told me to be sure to open the eyes of my community, the l.g.b.t. community, be sure to help my peers understand that we shouldn’t be afraid of who we are, yet we should embrace it. “Support the artist; we have so much talent in the l.g.b.t. community,”  Yelz said. Yelz was an amazing soul to connect with and I hope that as we continue the #TeamYelz blog we can keep you interested and connected with Yelz in an intimate way such as this. 



Letter To Our Fans


Dear Team Yelz,

This week has been a truly amazing week for Yelz and her team! You as our fans have showed how much you all really support us. We will continue to show you guys how much we really appreciate you all by always remembering to keep you updated and excited for what’s to come. We have…



Yelz - Rock Steady:

Happy Monday #TeamYelz.  Today at 2 the blog story about @ravishbyrissa will be released.  #BlackSummer the #Lipstick #Followusontumblr #clickthelinkinmybio

Team Yelz is very excited to enlighten and introduce to all make up lovers and fans to the “Black Summer Lipstick” by Ravish by Rissa. Ravish by Rissa is a brand dedicated to motivating and inspiring people through beauty and cosmetics. “I want people to think out of the box and have off the wall confidence when they hear or wear my products,” this ravish lady told me. The creature of this lipstick, Rissa, was very inspired by Yelz and Black Summer Vol.2; so inspired she created a lipstick line dedicated to Black Summer Vol.2. I was eager to know more so I asked Rissa some personal questions about her brand, in which she gracefully answered.

By now you all my know that we love to inspire as well as be inspired so of course I has an itch to know the inspiration behind this beautiful lipstick. She giggled as she answered, “I’m always inspired by the most random things, yet I’m most inspired by passion, talent, and confidence of make-up artist I look up to. Ironically, my favorite make-up artist isn’t really a make-up artist at all. He is silent film actor Lon Chaney. He created all of his characters by doing his own make up. His work even today is extraordinary. His “before his time” creations inspire mw today to aim for something greater than I can imagine.”
So I need to know what made this brand so special, what sets Ravish by Rissa apart from other brands on the market. This graceful lady was sure to tell me that products and passion are key elements of her brand. “But what I want to always maintain is the message that I put out to my clients and customers. I want them to feel like my products are as genuine as they truly are. Every lipstick that is to come will have elements of something that is very important to me. I truly feel that me adding intimate details to my products will allow my clients and customers to know me better,” she added.
After we talked a while about inspiration and artist I wondered what her favorite track on Black Summer Vol.2 was and what inspired the lipstick. Mrs. Ravish answered while smiling once more, ”Zack Taylor, most defiantly!   And Yelz is not just a best friend; she’s someone to look up to. She’s constantly pushing me and reminding me of what my goals are. So in honor of Black Summer Vol.2, I created a wearable black lipstick.”

As we wrapped up the interview I asked Rissa a few more general questions, I wanted to know more so I could run and tell you guys all about it! In five years Rissa prays that Ravish by Rissa is a known brand with not only lipstick; yet she is aiming for a full cosmetic line! Rissa told me to be sure to let you guys know that Black Summer the Lipstick line is far from finished with five more lipsticks in the makings.. The lipsticks are priced at only $15.00 and can be purchased at, there you will also be able to get updates. However if you have any questions for Mrs. Ravish you can email her at  
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Yelz Ft. HILIGHT - G’d Up [Dir. @QuincyScott_]:


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